Ayurveda Panca karma sicily

25. OKTOBER - 04. NOVEMBER 2018

Join us on a journey of the senses:  A 10 day Ayureda Panca Karma Cure in the midst of breathtaking Sicilian nature. The mild, mediterranean climate supports in an optimal way during the detox and regeneration process and offers best conditions to bring body and mind back into balance. The Light Panca Karma Cuisine is harmonized according to Ayurvedic principles and enriched with regional and seasonal specialities of “Sicilian Cuisine”. Our Panca Karma team of experts cares for you on location and is looking forward to a unique experience with you.  


Borgo del carato

Borgo+del+Carato (1).png

A luxury resort, located in the midst of carob and centenarian olive trees, characterized by the simplicity of the ancient Sicily. Nestling between Palazzolo Acreide and Siracusa, the antique city by the sea, in a 90 hectares private park in picturesque landscape of Monti Iblei. The Country Resort is the perfect place for relaxation and recreation.


Panca Karma – holistic regeneration for body and mind


Ayurveda – one of the oldest health systems in the world – offers us comprehensive measures to keep our body and mind balanced. Centerpiece of Ayurveda is, without any doubt, the “Panca Karma” system, which literally means “5 actions”. The term refers to various detox methods that purify the body from toxins and accumulated metabolic waste products.


Bespoke massage treatments and detox methods promote cell regeneration and hence, improve overall physical health and performance.

Daily yoga sessions, pranayama (breathing exercises) and guided meditation increase not only physical wellbeing, but also mental stability and emotional balance.

PROGRAM PANCA KARMA Sicily 25.OcTOBER - 04.November.2018

  • Consultations with Dr. Vinayak Nair MD Ay. and preparation of individual treatment plan as well as preparation guidelines
  • Snehana - Oleation therapy with Ghee

  • Bespoke Panca Karma massage treatments & therapy 

  • Swedana - fomentation therapy, Sauna, Infrared cabin

  • Ayurvedic herbal supplements

  • Supervised Detox-Day

  • Daily Yoga and Meditation 

  • Workshops 

  • Teabar

  • Ayurvedic Fullboard (vegetarian, organic)

  • Comfortable retreat rooms 


For more information, please send mail to: office@e5ayurveda.com 

We're looking forward hearing from you. 

Your E5 Team,

Romana, Marion & Vinayak