One to One Class: First Visit Package: 

Private Yoga sessions provide an opportunity to create an individualized yoga practice & breathing exercise specific to your needs, that can easily be integrated into your daily routine. 

Anamnesis and developing of an individualized Yoga and Pranayama (breathing exercise) program, including documentation for self study and home practice.                                                                 Class 1: 90 Min. Anamnesis & Yoga Practice            
Class 2: 60 Min. Follow Up
Class 3: 60 Min. Follow Up
Packages Price, 3 Appointments, 1 Person:  € 175,00
Packages Price, 3 Appointments, 2 Person:  € 250,00


Follow up meeting: 

Practice and adjustment, as well as extension of yoga program. Clients who took advantage of our First Visit Package, are welcome to book the Follow Up Meeting straight away.
60 Min, 1 Person:  € 75,00 

60 Min, 2 Person:  € 95,00