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Unlock Your Hips – Hips Workshop, with Lenok

Our hips can be a major source of stiffness or even pain. Sometimes it can feel like it is impossible to open this joint. You can stay in a hip opening position for a while, yet the next day it seems you start anew. Probably you already sense it: stretching alone does not lead to flexibility. The hips can be strong yet we can easily hurt ourselves by not properly engaging the appropriate muscles.

In this I share my knowledge in bodyworkyoga and anatomy in regard to this beautiful  joint. You will learn how you can to transform an unyielding hip joint. We will explore how to adjust your alignmentprevent knee pain and engage the muscles to support the bone structure. This hip opener course will give you in the tools needed to access greater range of motion.

The spots for this workshop are limited. Due to the small group every question can be answered and adjustments will be made for everyone. The goal is to create a safe and supporting environment for you.

When: 26th of November   Time: 14.00-16.00 o’clock

Costs: 40 EUR



Photos: Iza Hegedűs © 2017 Elena Popov