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Meditation: Steps to inner silence, with Vinayak

About this Meditation Workshop:

The secret to getting into a meditative state, is to train the body and mind to experience stillness. And in todays fast moving world, many people find it difficult to stay still. Regular practise of Asana brings Stability, Flexibility , Strength & Endurance, which builds the base to practise meditation. This is followed with Pranayama or breathing exercises, which helps to attain mastery over our own breath and at the same time acting as the best detoxifying process for both body and mind.

Next is the art of withdrawing your sense from external world and learning to focus the mind on a specific aspect. Once you have learned to centre yourself in your awareness and taught your mind to listen to you, every activity can be made meditative in nature. The more you practise the easier it gets. And this the key in Yoga - Sadhana, which means regular practise. Experience by action.

This meditative course is designed to bring in an all these aspects in a concise and easy way. The students can create a base from which they can build upon and practise this on a day to day basis.

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Join Dr. Vinayak Nair on this journey to inner silence and get a introduction for your every day meditation routine.

Dates, 4 Classes:

26.9. / 3.10. / 10.10. / 17.10.

Max. 10 participants
Workshop in english

Price: € 80 total

More information & booking:

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