Life is ever changing

Change is the basis of transformation.

We see these changes as a common factor in the growth of our bodies, the development of our mind & emotions, in weather patterns, the cars we drive, the phones we use, the clothes we wear, the songs we listen to and even in every cell and every atom in this universe change is seen as the fundamental nature of all matter. All matter begins stays and perishes, in various durations, ranging from few milliseconds to few hundred billion years. 

Some change takes place slowly and some fast. We as humans are not only part of this change, but are also blessed with the ability to understand this change; in not only ourselves but also around us. Mind acts as our tool to interpret, analyse and predict these changes. These interpretations of mind are essential in day to day life. 

But, when out of balance, can present itself with too many options which can be confusing & exhausting for an individual.

We are also driven by our emotions which can be sometimes unpredictable and uncontrolled. To understand any of these emotions - whether it is happiness or sadness, love or fear, joy or anger - one has to first look into the experience that created this emotion. Every day we gain lots of impressions from people we meet, media we watch, religions we follow, places we live, jobs we do and many more. These impressions collectively lead to what we call as mental memory. This mental memory of these impressions depends upon the intensity of these events in an individual’s life. The stronger the impression is, the stronger the memory. 

You also need energy to keep this memory alive which is spent to hold on to this memory.

Most of us think, talk, dress, eat & behave guided by these memories. If any emotion is dominant in an individual that means the Ego is holding on to it because of the intensity of the experience that created the memory. This memory is of course different from the memory already present in every cell of the body, by which, it performs certain duties by nature. Memory is created to store vital information, based on previous experiences. Mind uses this information to create thoughts, supported by the intellect and Ego’s conditioning. Ego is one’s conditioned personality. The word conditioned means that, lots of impressions right from infancy till today have played a part in shaping one’s personality. And this personality mostly is set in an unconscious mode. 

For example, if one says, ‘I don't know why I get angry?’ And when you say ‘I don't know’, it shows the unconscious state of the ego or personality. Emotions can be also part of deeper memories carried by millions of generations of genetic information present in our DNA. 

When an individual starts watching this from a distance, he/she can be realising that; ‘I am not in charge of my own emotions’. With time one slowly becomes aware of this pattern, and thus begins to become conscious of one’s emotion. The individual understands and then further realises the difference between the emotion and its awareness. For example he/she will realise the difference between ‘I am angry’ and ‘I am conscious that I am angry’.  

This state of awareness automatically creates a distance or detachment between the thoughts, emotions, memory, ego and the one who is aware of all these aspects.

If you stay long enough with this state of awareness, you will notice changes in body, mind and emotions in the form of harmony. Further in time, it creates a natural curiosity to know the one who is aware or conscious. 

Yoga is the science that teaches you not only to become aware and realise one’s true nature; it also provides us with tools to merge with the Universal Truth / Energy / Intelligence / Consciousness / God. The path of Jnana Yoga, teaches a direct approach, in which you can directly and constantly ask yourself these questions, till certain guidance from within evolves. The Sanskrit word for this is ‘’Svadyaya’’- Self enquiry, Self Study. Ask yourself, ‘Who am I?’ ‘Am I this body, mind & emotions or I am the one, aware and conscious of this body, mind and emotions?’ When you experience your true self, all the worries, anxiety, anger and fear will just fall apart and you will wake up and experience the oneness that connects all of us. 

Namaste, Vinayak